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At Norrington Media, we offer high quality and affordable commercial video production solutions for businesses and brands. 

Showcase who you are and build awareness and buzz around what you have to offer. 

Just some ways you can use video to build your business include; Profile Videos, Promotional Videos, Meet the Team / Staff Introduction Videos, Testimonial Videos, Explainer Videos, Training Videos, Proof of Concept Videos & Social Media advertisements. 

Case Victoria - New Building Release Video

We were contacted by Case Victoria to produce a promotional video for their new site opening in Truganina in the western suburbs. We worked with their staff to produce a teaser video of the new facility

Find more information about this video at

Lux Caramel Sundays

A short advertisement for Lux Nightclub.

The goal of this video is to provide attractive footage to convert potential nightclub goers into patrons on Sunday nights, for Caramel Sundays the new theme of this night! 

Find more information about Lux Nightclub at

Warburton 4x4 Mashup 

Here I compiled some footage from an off road adventure to Warburton. 

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